Drive your business
to success with the

Right Team

TS247 has an excellent track for delivering experienced staff to companies of all sizes, including large technology enterprises.  Whether you need a short time placement or a long-term solution, TS247 can provide the talent you need to get the job done.  We offer remote and onsite placements and ensure not only that you have the right personnel but also the right personality that will fit in well with your team.  We offer direct management or if you wish we can manage augmented team members and you can run all your requirements through one dedicated account manager.  Finding talent is hard.  Let TS247 help you keep continuity of skills and service by providing high quality technicians.

Dedicated Hourly Resources

TS247 has the resources to help you on any project. We offer options for dedicated hourly technicians. Whether you need help afterhours or just some outside expertise on a project, TS247 is ready to help!

Fixed Price Projects

TS247 can help you finish that project in time and under budget. We offer fixed fee projects so that you know the work will be done right and you can ensure you don’t bust your I.T. budget. TS247 has a fast turnaround time when you need a quote ASAP!

Tell Us What You Need

We’ll ensure your organization gets it right the first time. Avoid spending time and money on a dead-end solution. Let TS247 work with you to gather the necessary information, review options and take the lead on your projects.

Let us know how we can help!