Response Team

TS247 understands the immense stress and pressure our customers feel when they discover their technology system has been compromised.  Ransomware can corrupt systems, hurt morale & harm your reputation.  That’s why we have a dedicated team that is experienced and is committed to getting your organization up and running as quickly as possible.

TS247 has the experience and scale to tackle regional and national incidents.  We can deploy onsite technicians to multiple locations simultaneously to ensure the fastest response possible.  We work to locate the affected systems and begin remediation process.  We will wipe and rebuild infected machines.  If hardware is not salvageable, we can have new equipment on site within 1 business day.  We offer stand in temporary servers when necessary to keep critical system running.  Our goal is to get your organization running as quickly as possible.

Response Time

TS247 has a proven process to get your organization up and running as fast as possible. We will have an agreement ready for approval within 1 hour from contacting us. We guarantee 4-hour remote support & 24-hour onsite support nationally from the time an agreement is approved.


TS247 can be onsite anywhere in the continental United States within 24 hours from the time an agreement is signed. We have technicians located in all regions to ensure that we can be onsite even if poor weather causes flight cancellations.

Proactive Monitoring

TS247 knows that without monitoring complete remediation cannot be assured. During the remediation process we begin to monitor the customer’s systems to ensure the damage is contained. We have multiple tools to both assess and protect your system while remediation services are being executed.

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